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There are several hard-to-find parts that are now being 'reproduced' and introduced into our hobby. Most of these parts belong to the popular Pez Pal series. Below you will find several comparison photos that will hopefully help you determine a real piece from a repro piece.

The biggest difference in the older reproductions and the real parts were the materials they were made of. The older (rosin) repros are brittle and hard, and must be painted to match their counterpart. The newer (poly) repros are made of the same materials as the originals. So, they are more difficult to distinguish. However, a close examination will usually separate the two. Notice the smooth texture and clean edges of the originals verses the more "rough appearance" of the reproductions. The true color of the original pieces (which is extremely difficult to distinguish without a side-by-side comparison) is also a possible indicator of a reproduction.

Some To LOOK for:

  • Indian Headdress
  • ALL Mustaches
  • Fireman:
    Hat & Badge
  • Doctor: Stethoscope
    Reflector & Hair
  • Knight Plume
  • Batman Cape
  • Nurse Hat
  • Boy's Cap
  • Maharajah Jewel
  • Sheriff's Star
  • Mexican Earrings
  • Police Badge

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Good close-up showing difference in texture and shades of color.

Great close-up of texture and edges.

White mustache comparison failed in photo - - here's a group shot of great looking repros.

No original mustache for comparison - - Notice the edges of the 'resin' vs 'poly'.

Very hard to get same 'detail' as original here - - original is all gold plastic!

Original hair is more flexible and has almost seamless edges.

Hard to see in photo - notice overall 'texture' of plastic and edges.

This photo shows great example of a hat badge - - notice edges and coloring.

This photo shows great example of a clean lines comparison.

Very hard to photo white detail - - original texture is smooth and rigid.

Another difficult photo - - look for clean edges and true consistant color!

Extremely difficult to find any differences here! Best of luck.

Real reflector 'snaps' on - - repro probably needs glue.

Consistancy in color and texture are on the look-out here!

Clean lines, clean lines, clean lines!
Click for updated repro stethoscope

Maharajah's Jewel has clean smooth edges.

Sheriff's Star - also clean smooth edges.

Just a fun pic thrown in to show repro's at work ;-)

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