Collecting Pez .com

Collecting Pez .com
Custom Promo & Fantasy

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PEZ Created Promos & Customs
Dylan's Candybar
Ebay Hearts
Ebay Employee
Jack inthe Box
Bundesrat Boy
Bundesrat Girl
Bundestrat MOC
Japan Heart
USA Crystal
Silver Coach Whistle
Gold Coach Whistle
Crystal Red Coach Whistle
Crystal Green Coach Whistle
Soccer Gold
Football Gold
Foobtall Clear
Resins & Tests
Rhino Resin
Slimy Sid (chocolate face)
Fantasy Resins
Roar Lion
Fireman Pal
ELVIS (by Orlando)
Admiral Pal
Ringmaster (Charter Cable Commercial)
Our Wedding Cake Topper '99
Brenda & Dale
Thx Drew Becker
Collector Created Promos, Customs, & Fantasy
CollectingPez Ball
I Collect PEZ Trucks
Circus Man
Doc' Master
Compaq Penquin
FX Show 05
FX Show 06
Black Santa
Wedding Heart
Pez Pen Top (robot)
Punk Pals
GITD Alien
Pez Community Member of Month
Feb '05
Pez Community Member of Month
August '06
Pez Collector News
10th Anniversary
PezCar Pez '05
PezCar 13/50
Christmas '05
PezCar 47/100
Katrina '05
NE Gathering '06
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There are plenty of Pez dispensers that people enjoy collecting, but sometimes you just want something a little more specific. That's why there have been many PEZ dispensers made that can be customized, changed, tweaked, and such so that they're perfect for any collection. People from all over the world collect Pez dispensers, from England to Cancun to New York and everywhere in between. Collecting Pez is a shared hobby of many individuals, which is why people travel from all over to attend Pez conventions. People from Canada, California, or even the Dominican Republic vacation in locations that offer the chance to mingle with others who collect these fun dispensers as well. This gives them the opportunity to share their love for Pez with groups that share their passion.