Collecting Pez .com

Collecting Pez .com
Misc. Dispensers

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Crazy Fruit Orange
1984 Vucko
Olympic Wolves
Crystal Bugz
more Bugz
Bubblegum Boy
Bubblemen Family
Bubble Boy
Mint In Bag
USA Heart
USA Crystal
Family of Bears
Crystal Bear
Baseball Glove
Psychedelic Eyes
More Eyes
Pink 'test' Eye
Psychedelic Flower
PEZ Regulars
(B / A / Golden Glow)
PEZ Regular
(blue w/ white top)
3.4 Golden Glows
PEZ Regulars
(SilverGlow & Set B)
Disposable Regular (MIP)
Japanese Regular
50th Anniversary
Crystal Ball
Planet Earth
Peter PEZ
Coach Whistles
Light Blue Coach
Dark Blue Coach
Green Coach
Orange Coach
Pink Coach
Gray Coach
Gold Coach
Crystal Red Coach
Crystal Green Coach
He-saur \ I-saur
She-saur \ Fly-saur
Crystal Saurs
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Pez are very popular, and while most people are aware of the well known styles, there are some lesser known Pez dispensers that are quite fun. The best part is that there are plenty of places people can obtain these creative Pez dispensers without breaking their bank or paying tons of tax on them. Collectors should be sure to check out the conventions offered for these fun dispensers.