Collecting Pez .com

Collecting Pez .com
Trucks / Rigs

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Truck D
R1 / R2 / R3 / R4
Truck D Monos
Truck D
R4 - b/w
Truck C (pink)
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 16
Truck C 1
Truck C 2
Truck C 3
Truck C 4
Truck C
C R1 (side)
C R1 (bottom)
Truck B 9
Nivea Truck
Rigs - Truck E A
Rigs - Truck E A
Rigs - Truck E B
Rigs - Truck E B
Rigs - Truck E C
Rigs - Truck E C
Rigs - Truck E D
Rigs - Truck E D
Walgreens Promo
Wal-Mart Promo
Dewalt Truck
Dodge Truck
Home Depot Truck
DuPont Truck
STP Truck
Rusty's Truck
Daytona 500 Truck
All Star Race Truck
JOE'S Trucks - (fenders match cab color) RARE
R1 - white trailer R1 - glow-n-dark
R2 - white trailer R2 - glow-n-dark
R3 - white trailer R3 - glow-n-dark
R4 - white trailer R4 - glow-n-dark
MISFIT Trucks - (fenders match trailer color)
Black w/ red - white trailer Black w/ red - glow-n-dark
Black w/ orange - white trailer Black w/ orange - glow-n-dark
Gray w/ red - white trailer Gray w/ red - glow-n-dark
Gray w/ orange - white trailer Gray w/ orange - glow-n-dark
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