Collecting Pez .com
Is it real? (or "Fantasy"?)

Can you guess which ones are real and which ones are fake???
(hint: all pez pictured on this page are FANTASY and NOT real)

These days, it's getting tougher and tougher to determine and identify which dispensers are "Rare" - "One of a Kind" - "Special Issue" - or just plain FAKE ("Fantasy").

Unfortunately, it's impossible to list every custom made, fantasy, or fake piece here on this webpage. However, hopefully it will help you choose how you want to "style" your collection. Also help you determine which pieces are "PEZ Co Issue", and which one's aren't. Knowledge is power!

Custom pieces are often referred to as "FANTASY PEZ". This is because they are custom creations of collectors/artists. Some are reproduction designs of existing dispensers, but vary in color. Some are designs that were never produced, but people would have liked them to be.

If you see a dispenser on this page, it's a Fantasy or Custom piece.

Pictures are from my collection, collections of other collectors, and/or online auctions. Sometimes, it's simply a mutilated toy head glued to a dispenser stem. Sometimes, the dispenser is fully functional. Sometimes, it's a custom moulded creation. Sometimes, it's actually just a painted dispenser. Sometimes, they're loose. Sometimes, they're in sealed bags or on custom cards w/ bubbles. It's a good idea to famliarize yourself with all styles, if you want to be able to easily spot a Fantasy Piece from a Real Piece.

Please visit our "Contact Us" page to let us know of a custom dispenser that fooled you, or ask about a dispenser you're not sure about.
We're here to help you build your collection - your way!

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